11 Comic E-book Characters Who Can Totally Kick Supermans Ass

11 Comic E-book Characters Who Can Totally Kick Supermans Ass
23 Jan

From our childhood, now we have been pondering that Superman is the god of comics. Even right this moment, if we ask people who they assume is the best hero in comics, and pat comes the reply, “Superman!/p>

New Design 100% Cotton Casual CaptainAmerica AOU Chibi Children's T-shirtProperly, there are at the very least 20 that come to my thoughts who may struggle him to beat him and the 11 beneath may completely put him in his place. The place known as not-invulnerable.

1. Darkseid

There have been a number of occasions the place Darkseid has performed with Superman like a father plays with a toddler. Superman has harm him and claims that he has at all times held back his true extent of powers, however so has Darkseid.

In one storyline, Superman had actually hurt Darkseid to the purpose that Darkseid appeared like he just received up from sleep. That’s it.

Additionally, in another storyline, Darkseid took on the entire of Justice League and even then they weren’t really capable of defeat him and were only able to throw him into a wormhole.

2. Parallax

Yes, the same yellow guy from that horrible Green Lantern film starring Ryan Reynolds. Parallax feeds on fear and has even incapacitated the entire of the green lantern corps as soon as.

Parallax feeds off the concern of whole planets and only becomes stronger and more powerful. And let’s not forget that Superman is a meta-human and has a love life and hence will fear for his lover’s dying.

And simply to be clear, he has managed Superman once – completely.

3. Martian Manhunter

Superman himself admits that Martian Manhunter is one of the only a few people who might defeat him simply.
Martian Manhunter possesses the identical power-set as that of Superman. He’s as fast, can fly and can also shoot laser beams. However he has extra capabilities corresponding to the ability to turn himself intangible and in addition to manage minds.

Supes doesn’t even stand an opportunity.

4. Wally West

The flash is just too quick. robin t-shirt Additionally, he can travel by time and in addition across dimensions. Yes, you heard that right, he can truly travel to a different dimension the place there’s another flash, identical to him. And he is powered by the speed pressure, which means he can successfully manipulate speed from anybody.

This implies he can literally make Superman immobile after which whack him silly.

5. Captain Atom

Captain Atom is not likely at par with Superman by way of energy or pace or reflexes, however he can retailer nearly unlimited amounts of energy in himself.

Superman has two inherent weaknesses – one the well-known kryptonite and the other a red Sun. Because the yellow Sun makes him robust, the crimson Solar makes him weak. But a pink Solar just isn’t easily harnessable, and hence does probably not crop up as a plot device to defeat Superman. Except Captain Atom is current that is.

Captain atom can release huge quantities of vitality simply like the power of a crimson Sun, which may render Superman incapable. And if accomplished for a chronic period, it’d just kill him.

6. The True Gog

Not a lot of people have heard of the Gog, unless you’re a hardcore comic e-book reader. The Gog is an extremely powerful being who can harness the cosmic powers of the universe. Everyone knows that Superman gets his vitality from the Sun. Now think about a villain who can harness power present anyplace in the entire cosmos.

Additionally, he can time travel.

Also, he can transfer sooner than the Flash.

Enough mentioned.

7. Krona

He has destroyed universes, just for the sake of data. I’m going to leave it at that.

Eight. Firestorm

The same reason as that of Captain Atom, Firestorm can produce and manipulate power at his will. He can even manipulate his own being. For example, he can make himself intangible too, the identical as Martian Manhunter.

On strength alone, he may not take on Superman, however he can deal numerous harm with his vast array of powers.

Also, he can CREATE kryptonite, out of Something.

9. Anti-Monitor

Of all the supervillains, no one has come near the destruction that Anti-Monitor has triggered. He has brought on more harm and killed extra superheroes than some other supervillain within the DC universe. Everyone knows the Marvel supervillain Galactus, who eats planets for lunch. Now this guy eats universes for breakfast. Complete universes.

Yeah, he actually goes as much as his girlfriend and says, “Hey babe, Let’s go eat the Andromeda galaxy for dinner. We’ll share./p>

And he additionally killed Barry Allen – The primary Flash.

For Anti-Monitor, Superman is probably the human equivalent of a small piece of lettuce stuck between your teeth after eating a tasty salad.

10. The Squirrel (GL Corps)

This is probably essentially the most ridiculous scene in any DC comics ever. Now we have seen that the inexperienced lantern corps consists of people from the entire universe.

This implies they come in all sizes and styles. So, the scene is ready as Superman is preventing the big Green Lantern corps man Kilowog and makes him submit, but then is disabled by a squirrel Inexperienced lantern. He makes the constructs so small, he stops Superman’s brain from firing synapses, successfully making him stop pondering.

One step ahead, he may kill him by destroying his brain cells with his constructs.

A squirrel.

11. Batman

Yeah, I stated it.

You already know why? As a result of he has crushed Darkseid too. He made him admit defeat, to the purpose that Darkseid even complimented him on his ruthlessness. And he doesn’t know concern. He may even resist the paralyzing effects of Parallax. And never to say he has nearly killed Superman, but held back, simply to make some extent.

So, there you might be. And now you realize.

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